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Hickory Nursing Home Neglect Attorney - Carole A Gardiner P.A.

Nursing Home Neglect

Has your loved one suffered abuse or neglect in a North Carolina nursing home?

If so, call our law office. Not only may your loved one be entitled to recover monetary damages for their injuries, but sometimes letting a nursing home know they were negligent prevents them from letting it happen again to other patients.

Carole A. Gardiner is a member of the North Carolina, Florida and District of Columbia Bar Associations. For many years she has specialized in medical malpractice and one of her special interests is nursing home neglect. The following are some examples of nursing home abuse and injuries:
• Dehydration• Malnutrition
• Bed Sores• Fractures
• Burns• Bruising or Scarring
• Poor Hygiene• Mental or Verbal Abuse
• Sexual Abuse• Physical Abuse
• Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall• Wrongful Death

When our parents or other elderly family members are admitted to nursing homes because they are no longer able to take care of their own daily needs, we expect them to be treated the same way you would treat a baby who cannot yet take care of itself. But many times, the nursing home employees do not have the experience, do not have enough staff or simply don’t realize that someone who cannot take care of their self must receive extra special care.

Carole Gardiner’s staff is located in Asheville, North Carolina but she handles nursing home neglect cases throughout the state. At the moment, she is investigating cases in Gastonia, Hickory, Hickory, Marion, Waynesville and Morganton. Over the years she has been successful in recovering for the clients in Statesville, Charlotte, Lenoir, Hendersonville, Shelby, Sylva and Rutherfordton.

Carole Gardiner has a compassionate staff of paralegals who understand your pain and suffering. The office works with several retired supervisors from nursing homes to help in their analysis of a potential case.

We normally take the cases on a contingency basis, which means that there is no fee unless there is a recovery.

Please call our office at 1(800)316-9450 – Maybe we can help

Although Carole Gardiner's staff is located in Asheville, she has represented clients in the following cites where she is recognized as a nursing home malpractice attorney.

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